GPI Fellows

Who Are We?

Global Policy Institute fellows are undergraduate students at USC who are passionate about international relations and foreign affairs. Our fellows have studied and worked all over the world, including the Arctic Circle, Rwanda, Belgium, China, Spain and Argentina. Each fellow has a wide variety of interests — from environmental studies and immigration to national security and human rights — that they are excited to share with the USC community. 

Our team is divided into two branches: the programming and events branch and the editorial branch. We work within the USC Department of Political Science and International Relations to organize programming and events for all USC students. The fellows also maintain, update and create content for the GPI website.

Student Leadership

Ashley Abadeer | Director

Ashley Abadeer is a senior studying International Relations and the Global Economy with a minor in Architecture at USC. Her specific interest in the field of international relations is ensuring water security and hopes to one day help establish clean water infrastructure through architectural design. Ashley has technical experience in AutoCad as well as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere. On campus, Ashley is the speaker’s director for TEDxUSC, a lead researcher in the SPEC lab whose work involved codifying power-sharing institutions and updating the existing literature, and is also a member of USC’s international relations co-ed professional fraternity, Delta Phi Epsilon. She is from Riverside, CA.

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Mia Speier | Director

Mia Speier is a senior majoring in International Relations, minoring in Law and Public Policy and pursuing a master’s degree in Public Diplomacy. She joined GPI in Fall 2018 and is her fourth year serving as a director. On campus, Mia is the editor-in-chief of Glimpse from the Globe, an editor for the Southern California International Review, USC editor at Annenberg Media and former editor at the Daily Trojan. She is a campus tour guide with the USC Office of Admission, an active member of Delta Phi Epsilon and has been named a Warren Bennis Scholar and Schaeffer Fellow in Government Service. She has worked for the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Council on Foreign Relations, the U.S. Agency for Global Media, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. Mia is passionate about Europe/Eurasia, press and media freedom and U.S. foreign policy. She is from Los Angeles, CA.

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Kirian Mischke-Reeds | Director

Kirian Mischke-Reeds is a senior majoring in International Relations and the Global Economy with a minor in Environmental Studies and serves as Chief Editor for GPI. Growing up to a German-Spanish mother and an American father in the Bay Area inspired Kirian to study international issues, focusing particularly on European foreign policy and the global climate change regime. Last summer, he interned for Climate XChange, doing research on North Carolina’s environmental and climate policy. On campus, Kirian is a member of the Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Fraternity and is Associate Editor for Glimpse from the Globe, USC’s foreign affairs magazine.

Matt Slade | Editorial Lead

Matt Slade is a senior double majoring in International Relations and Chinese Language from Boulder, Colorado. At USC, he is involved with the Teaching International Relations Program which teaches local high school students complex IR issues, as well as the Civil Rights and Liberties Club where he serves on executive board. In May, Matt went to China to research changes in advertising and consumer culture as a result of globalization in a program through the East Asian Studies Center. Outside of USC, he has worked for several years on research projects for the Korean Negotiation Initiative based out of Boulder. Though he has many interests regarding international relations, within GPI Matt focuses on issues of global and national security, especially in relation to East Asia and cybersecurity. 

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Delarai Sadeghitari | Editorial Lead

Delarai is a senior studying International Relations and Spanish from Orange County, California. In addition to GPI, she is a part of Women and Youth Supporting Each Other, an organization dedicated to teaching local middle school girls about important topics, like consent and mental health. Delarai is also a part of the action level coding team for the Near Crisis Project, a team dedicated to researching and coding the daily actions of near crises. Some of her primary interests in the field of international relations include human security, human rights, and the intersection of gender and international relations.

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Marie Zaragoza | Program Lead

Marie Zaragoza is a junior pursuing a degree in International Relations with an emphasis on global economics and Arabic. On campus, she is a research assistant with the Security and Political Economy lab where she researches the influence of power sharing institutions in shaping various educational, economic and civil liberty outcomes and is the treasurer of the USC Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team. Marie has also volunteered with the Teaching International Relations Program. This past summer, she studied immigration in Spain, working with NGOs and private sector actors to understand the dynamics between the public and private sector to achieve social change.

Elizabeth Shepherd | Program Lead

Elizabeth Shepherd is a senior majoring in Intelligence and Cyber Operations from Los Angeles, California. Her interests include Weapons of Mass Destruction proliferation, Modern warfare, Cyberwar, Cyber Weapons, Information Security, and Cyber Forensics. She has academic experience in network security, pentesting, and cyber forensics and professional experience in cyber threat intelligence and as a cyber security analyst. She has been with the GPI since Spring 2019.

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