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Submission Instructions

If you’re interested in submitting an article to GPI, read through these instructions.

  • Article submissions must be on a current event or issue relevant to today. We accept news analysis, opinion pieces and policy paper. Take a look at our editorial categories here.
  • Article submissions must be between 800 to 1,500 words. Any pieces longer than 1,500 words will not be considered for publication.
  • Article submission must be submitted using Arial, 12 point and black font.
  • All paragraphs must be shifted left on the document upon submission.
  • Articles must be submitted with a title.
  • Submit your article as a PDF to

*Please note that not all articles that are submitted will be considered for publication. If your article is selected for publication, be prepared to receive feedback and to work with GPI’s editorial team.

Other Publishing Opportunities

If you’re interested in publishing your work elsewhere, GPI encourages you to look into these alternative publications at USC and at other universities across the U.S.

Cornell International Affairs Review (CIAR)

CIAR is an undergraduate organization at Cornell University dedicated to increasing awareness of and encouraging conversation about international affairs. CIAR publishes a bi-annual journal consisting of academic papers written by undergraduate and graduate students, collegiate professors, and experts in the field. Visit our submission guidelines for more information.

Critical Theory & Social Justice Journal of Undergraduate Research (CTSJ)

Critical Theory & Social Justice Journal of Undergraduate Research (CTSJ), from Occidental College, provides a forum for undergraduate students to develop and share critical research and writing on the intersections of race, sexuality, and nationality as they relate to problems of social justice. The journal seeks to foster exchange of ideas across disciplines and deepen understandings of systems of injustice. Papers are accepted on a rolling basis. Visit our website for updated guidelines and deadlines for submissions.

Critique: A Worldwide Journal of Student Politics

Critique provides a forum for graduate and undergraduate students of politics to express and exchange diverse ideas and to imagine new possibilities for democracy and justice. It is published biannually and expands political debate by creating space for the emergence of new ideas. Interested students should visit the submissions form for instructions.

Dialectics: Journal of Leadership, Politics, and Society

The Dialectics: Journal of Leadership, Politics, and Society is a refereed, multidisciplinary online journal devoted to scholarship and discourse that accepts high quality essays on issues of public importance. We search for papers that have a single thesis, are focused, identify significant societal and global issues, and offer creative solutions or specific recommendations for addressing the challenges. Papers should be between 2,000 and 5,000 words and are reviewed on a rolling basis. Visit our website for updated guidelines and deadlines for submissions.

Discussions: the Undergraduate Research Journal of Case Western Reserve University

Discussions is the undergraduate research journal of Case Western Reserve University and is dedicated to publishing the best undergraduate research from across the country. Discussions accepts research papers written by current undergraduate students from accredited colleges and universities around the globe. The research can be on any topic, not limited to science or engineering.  Submission guidelines are on the journal website.

Hemispheres: Tufts University Journal of International Affairs

Hemispheres: Tufts University Journal of International Affairs is a double-blind, peer-reviewed publication for student research in a variety of social, economic, political, and legal issues, both contemporary and historical, within the framework of international relations. Visit the Hemispheres submission guidelines for updated guidelines and deadlines.

Inquires Journal

Inquires Journal is an edited open-access academic journal that publishes the work of undergraduate and graduate students in a range of core academic disciplines, particularly the social sciences and humanities. A strong section of work in the fields of international relations, globalization studies, and international affairs is prominent within the publication. Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis.

International Affairs Forum

The Center for International Relations (CIR) welcomes submissions, from college students and young professionals, for its online journal as well as its associated biannual publication, International Affairs Forum. IA Forum accepts unsolicited essays, editorials, and scholarly papers for publication. Papers should be previously unpublished and should be submitted directly to Please review guidelines for more information.

Journal of Arts and Humanities

The scope of The Journal of Arts and Humanities focuses on theoretical and empirical research in the arts, humanities and social sciences. JAH also publishes original research, creative work, and critical discourse on traditional, contemporary, and popular issues in arts and issues in the field of humanities studies. Review submissions for information on how to submit work.

Journal of Democracy

Journal of Democracy is a student-run journal in the Center for Democracy and Society at Georgetown University. They seek well-written, interesting submissions of 1,500-2,000 words, including summaries and/or excerpts of recently completed research, new publications, and works in progress. Within the theme of democracy, conflict and peace-building, they solicit articles that address the following: forging democracy after conflict, transitional justice, the relationship between democracy and conflict, and the cause of conflict. Please email submissions or questions to

Journal of International Affairs

Journal of International Affairs (online) is published through the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs. Online essay submissions must be 2,000 words or less. Photo essays, letters to the editors, and opinion pieces can be anywhere from 750 to 1,500 words in length. We also welcome reviews of books, articles, and other academic reports. All submissions must be unpublished original work. Though the journal fact-checks all submissions under consideration, you are ultimately responsible for the veracity of your statements. Journal citation format adheres to the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. Visit our submission guidelines for updated deadlines and information.

Journal of Politics and Society

Journal of Politics and Society (JPS) is an interdisciplinary journal of undergraduate scholarship in the social sciences, published by the Helvidius Group of Columbia University.  The journal features exclusively undergraduate work on political and social issues and is typically published each fall and spring. In addition, JPS will award the Peter and Katherine Tomassi Prize of $250 to the author of the article judged most worthy by the Editorial Board in conjunction with faculty at Columbia University.

Journal of Public and International Affairs

The Journal of Public and International Affairs (JPIA) is a joint  publication of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. The journal seeks to publish both scholarly and expository articles on a diverse range of subjects, covering the areas of international affairs, development studies, and domestic policy. JPIA is an annual publication, accepting submissions from any advanced student in the field from an accredited institution. Submissions are reviewed in a blind screening process by an editorial board composed of students at Princeton and by contributing editors from the other APSIA schools.

Journal of Science Policy and Governance

The Journal of Science Policy and Governance is an interdisciplinary journal that seeks high-quality submissions on emerging or continuing policy debates. Current students, undergraduate or graduate, and recent graduates within three years of earning a degree—bachelors, masters, or doctoral—are eligible to submit. For more information please email or go to our website.

Journal of Student Research

The Journal of Student Research (JSR) is an electronic, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal devoted to the rapid dissemination of current research. The aim of JSR is to familiarize student authors with the process of manuscript publication. Students aspiring to publish will receive scholarly feedback once their submission is reviewed. The journal seeks papers that are novel, integrative, and written in a way that is accessible to a wide audience which includes an array of disciplines. Content of the journal ranges from applied research to theoretical research; in general, papers are welcomed from all topics.

Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence

The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence (JUR) is a peer-reviewed, undergraduate journal registered with the Library of Congress that accepts submissions of any subject, from any undergraduate institution. The review process for publication includes peer, graduate, and faculty referees, ensuring that the journal publishes competitive material that follows the journal’s standards for academic, creative, and passionate work. View our submission guidelines.

London School of Economics Undergraduate Political Review

The LSE Undergraduate Political Review (LSEUPR) is an online platform that aims to encourage and facilitate an engagement in high level political research by undergraduate students from universities around the world. The LSEUPR invites the application to politics of a range of disciplinary perspectives, both within and without the social sciences, both empirical and theoretical. LSEUPR welcomes submissions that represent any and all voices and is committed to comprehensive representation, inclusivity and equality of access.

Michigan Journal of Political Science

The Michigan Journal of Political Science is housed at the University of Michigan and is published bi-annually both in print and online. The journal invites undergraduate students from around the world to submit. Submission must be argumentative and Academic or Research-Based, ranging from 1000-8000 words in the relevant fields of Political Science. All submissions will undergo an intensive peer review process.

Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Journal of Politics

Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Journal of Politics welcomes submissions from undergraduates of any class or major; Pi Sigma Alpha members are especially encouraged to submit. The journal strives to publish manuscripts of the highest quality in all areas of political science. Manuscripts must be unpublished, must include an abstract, and must be less than 35 pages, double spaced. Email submissions to or visit the website for submission guidelines.

Sigma Iota Rho Journal of International Relations

Sigma Iota Rho Journal of International Relations, organized and printed by the Epsilon chapter of Sigma Iota Rho at the University of Pennsylvania, appears annually and publishes original manuscripts and research by undergraduate students from across the country. The journal is a blind, peer-reviewed publication that seeks papers that contribute to a better understanding of international affairs. Papers must be between 2,000 and 6,000 words in length.

Sound Politicks

Sound Politicks is the official undergraduate journal of political science at the University of Pennsylvania. It is published annually and covers a wide range of political topics. The journal is a non-profit publication and is edited and published by Penn students. Sound Politicks accepts submissions year-round from undergraduates of any class or major. All submissions should be double-spaced, include footnotes, and be no longer than 4,000 words in length. For more information regarding submissions, visit our website.

Southern California International Review (SCIR)

SCIR is a global undergraduate international studies journal published biannually and funded by the School of International Relations at the University of Southern California. Article topics published in the journal range from economic and political issues to cultural and social themes. The Review publishes up to five exceptional full-length articles in every issue. For questions, email or visit their website.

Undergraduate Journal of Politics and International Relations (UJPIR)

The Undergraduate Journal of Politics and International Relations (UJPIR) is an open access academic journal, which offers undergraduate students an opportunity to publish articles based on their original research. The journal publishes articles in the fields of Politics, International Relations, International Studies and European Studies. For submission suggestions and guidelines, visit their website.

Yale Review of International Studies (YRIS)

YRIS is an undergraduate journal dedicated to publishing both opinion and long-form scholarship on contemporary global issues: their origins, present effects, and the future they will shape. YRIS seeks to stimulate broad and multi-faceted debate on issues ranging from foreign policy to international trends in law, culture, and the environment. Interested students should contact YRIS.