About GPI

Mission Statement

The mission of this multidisciplinary research, teaching and community education Institute is to explore critical global challenges and the related policies of nation-states and other global players. The Global Policy Institute focuses on policy issues and will develop and implement programs that involve faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, policy-makers and members of the public.

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“We’re not trying to look at the top 10 articles on The New York Times and repost them and spread that same information. We’re trying to look at … the things we know about because it’s what we study, but that the common individual that doesn’t pay attention to international relations might not know.”

Katie Abrams, Fellow

Undergraduate Research

The Global Policy Institute creates and supports research and study groups in the following areas:

The Global Economy

Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Human Rights

Poverty and Human Security

Global Security

Participants in these research and study groups will develop a deep understanding of pressing national and global issues and help produce Institute-sponsored conferences, workshops and seminars. These programs will create an environment in which individuals with contending perspectives can work together in a constructive and civil matter and find common ground by encouraging a productive political dialogue that leads to nonpartisan policy solutions. 

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs 

The Global Policy Institute is actively developing a Master’s Programs in Global Governance and Practical Politics, set to launch in Fall 2019, as well as new Undergraduate Majors and Minors in Practical Politics, Global Governance, Civic Engagement and Ethical Leadership, IR and Gaming, and an Interdisciplinary Honors Program.


The Global Policy Institute is proud to partner with other Dornsife Institutes and Departments, including the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of PoliticsSchool of International RelationsDepartment of Political ScienceDepartment of Middle East Studies.

We will continue to host signature events that actively engage the community and current global issues. This will include Global Crisis Briefings, Downtown LA Lecture Series, Distinguished Global Leaders Lecture Series, and regular film screenings and discussions.

GPI is also thankful for the generous support of the Abrams family.  

Meet our Director — Steven Lamy

Steven Lamy is a Professor of International Relations and served as USC Dornsife’s Vice Dean for Academic Programs from July 2007 to August 2017. He is also the inaugural Director of the Dornsife Task Force on Global and Political Studies.

Lamy earned his Ph.D. in International Relations from the Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver. His areas of expertise include international relations theory; foreign policy analysis; the foreign policies of the Western nation-states with an emphasis on Western European states, the U.S. and Canada; human security; and teaching and curriculum development in international relations. Lamy has published more than 40 articles and book chapters in these areas. His textbook, Introduction to Global Politics is in its fifth edition with Oxford University Press. 

“It’s not about collecting data for a professor’s research … these are kids that are creating their own entity that they can proudly say ‘I created the Global Policy Institute. And next year’s group can say, ‘We didn’t create it, but we helped it grow in this direction.’”

Steven Lamy, Director of the Global Policy Institute