The International Justice Mission released its 2019 midyear report

The International Justice Mission, an NGO based in D.C. focused on issues of human security, recently released its 2019 midyear report detailing four impressive missions that have been conducted this year.

The first mission was conducted in Thailand and sought to help a member of the Akha Hill Tribe gain citizenship in the country. As ethnic minorities are often neglected and exploited due to their distinct language, the IJM’s work represents an important step of ethnic minorities’ rights in Thailand.

The second accomplishment in the report was a rescue mission conducted in Southeast Asia. A family of seven who had been enslaved in a rock quarry after taking a loan of $70 from a local business had been forced to crush and haul stones under nearly unlivable conditions. The parents and the five children, the youngest being two years old, were rescued by IJM and the organization helping them rebuild their home and life, including getting the students into school.

The third mission noted in their report was a civil rights mission in Uganda. The IJM helped a widow secure the land rights to her and her husband’s property after his passing away. In doing so, the family stopped facing violent attacks and the IJM is now helping them restore their family farm on the land.

The final mission noted in the report was the end of a sex trafficking operation in the Dominican Republic. The IJM worked with local police, specifically the anti-trafficking force, to locate and rescue three young girls who had been missing and to capture their abuser. The IJM is now pursuing action against the abuser in the Dominican Republic courts and is providing rehabilitation efforts for the young girls and their families. 

You can find the full midyear report from the IJM at this link.

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