The impeachment inquiry and how foreign policy influences domestic politics

Today, the democratic speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced a formal inquiry into impeachment charges against US President Donald Trump. Concerns regarding President Trump’s recent foreign policy decisions regarding Ukraine served as the spark for this call from Pelosi.

In late August, Trump began withholding $250 million congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine under the predication that the country was not doing enough to fight corruption. Following these decisions, reports from a White House “Whistleblower” indicated that President Trump was pressuring Ukranian President Zelensky to investigate Democratic Presidential Candidate Biden’s son and could have been using U.S. aid as leverage for Zelensky to do so.

The greatest implication in this developing story is how the personal objectives of the president have begun to directly impact the foreign policy undertaken by the United States. President Trump is expected to release an unredacted transcript of his phone call with President Zelensky later this week. 

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