Support Our Programs

An Open Letter to Alumni and Friends of USC

Earlier this year, Dean Miller decided to essentially close the School of International Relations as a stand-alone independent school. We are now under a new administrative structure called Politics and International Relations which combines the School of IR and Political Science. For many of the faculty and the students, this was not a positive move. The good news is that we will maintain an independent undergraduate program and our forthcoming MA in Global Security and our new Global Policy Institute will belong to the School of IR. These programs are all that is left of the School of IR and we need your support to keep our programs alive. If you are a current donor to the School of International Relations (SIR) or you are considering a gift, you might want to donate to what is left of SIR rather than the POIR program.

One option would be to earmark your donation for undergraduate programs and another would be funding for our new Global Policy Institute which is a student-led think tank focusing on global policy issues.

GPI exists because of a generous gift from a thoughtful donor and my personal financial contributions. Other options would be to support students interning in Washington, DC or helping to fund the Teaching International Relations program that many of you participated in as undergraduates. SIR started in 1924 and we were hoping to make it to 100 years. We can still celebrate the 100 years if our alums and friends continue to support the programs that are still part of SIR.

I have spent most of my academic career at USC and the School of IR. I plan on using my remaining time here to support our students and maintain the quality of programs that have always defined the SIR community. Hopefully, we will make it to our 100th anniversary. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our programs. Any questions about donations should go to our associate director, Linda Cole.


Steven L Lamy, PhD | Professor of IR