Rudra Saigal

Rudra Saigal (he/him) is a sophomore from Indore, India, majoring in Economics-Mathematics with minors in Business Finance and International Relations at USC. Rudra is deeply passionate about political, socio-economic, and human rights issues, particularly in South Asia. Having grown up in central India and having closely observed Indian politics, public administration and justice at the grass-roots levels, Rudra is fondly interested in writing about the state of Indian democracy, society and economy. In addition, as a POC LGBTQ+ student-advocate, Rudra hopes to use his platform to extend education, representation, and opportunities for marginalized students. On campus, he is the Executive Aide to the USG Vice President, Co-Director of Trojan Scholar Society’s Academic and Professional Committee and the Advocacy Director of the Queer and Ally Student Assembly (QuASA). In his free time, Rudra enjoys reading poetry and fiction, watching Bollywood movies and hanging out with his friends.